What passes for cool around here

Ryan(8) and I were playing Gin Rummy tonight.   He recently learned to play the game and is mastering it quickly.   Not surprising since he is highly competitive.

When our game was over he was putting away the cards while I was starting dinner.   He pulled out a yellow post-it note that was in the box and held it up.

What is this?

Oh, probably an old score card.

Ya, it is from you and daddy.   On the back it says this…

18 Sep 99

Greatest Gin comeback in history!   (Blog-Stedman) down 175-0.   Came back to win 203-198 by knocking!   UNBELIEVABLE!

Why would daddy save that?

He was just bragging.

Daddy is so cool.


Yep, he is pretty cool.   I have had the privilege to be married to cool for 18 years today.

Happy Anniversary!

I love you…and know that posting this scorecard is much better than a greeting card.


  1. Rena Lawrence says:

    Eighteen years…that’s freakin’ awesome! Happy anniversary!

  2. Happy Anniversary! 🙂 My hubs keeps old score sheets from Scrabble, so I totally get this.

  3. Happy anniversary!! Love that he’s so sentimental to save that 😉 My husband would too!!

  4. ooh yeah wanted to share this with you: http://bit.ly/5fDDpC
    it’s the new trailer for Despicable Me that just saw with my kids this weekend

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