This my newest conspiracy theory: What if the toy manufacturers were just a cover for where the real money is made–BATTERIES?

Just in case you were wondering…we have been through 4 AA batteries this morning in the new erector set with which NOTHING has been built (except various versions of metal bladed fans), but the 983 pieces look lovely scattered like rose petals across the living room floor. I can’t wait to vacuum…

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  1. Excellent idea, I will bring my extra legos, newly scattered erector pieces, tinkertoys and lincoln logs to put an addition onto your little house in the backyard and move in with you…

  2. the teeny tiny toy pieces are wonderful!!! I could build a house for myself out of all the little legos scattered throughout the house.

    a little house to hid in in the back yard.

    a little house where i could be all all alone.