What is it about construction and farm equipment that kids love so much? Whether its a tractor or a bulldozer, my youngest is absolutely obsessed with all things that go go go.

That’s one reason why I know he’ll love the John Deere Ground Loader from Peg Perego. It isn’t some stationary toy; rather, with a 12-volt battery and working front loader, it can both move and actually scoop up loads!

Kids will love “working” out in the yard with this John Deere ground loader. Source: Walmart

Other Reasons to Love this Kid-sized John Deere Ground Loader

Just in case a working front loader isn’t reason enough to get this John Deere ground loader for your yard, it also adjusts as the kid gets older. With an adjustable seat as well as flip-up armrests, this kid-sized ground loader is great for kids age three to seven years old.

Source: Walmart

With two speeds forward and one speed in reverse, I can already picture my kids rolling through our backyard and, from their perch on the ground loader, scooping up dirt out of their mud garden. But with a max speeds of 4-1/2 miles per hour, as well as automatic brakes and wheels with plenty of traction, parents don’t need to worry about kids speeding too fast through the yard. It can also drive over dirt, grass, or hard surfaces, so they can travel on the driveway too.

Source: Walmart

All of this is possible thanks to a 12-volt rechargeable battery. (Both the battery and charger are included with purchase) After it’s charged up, there’s a solid 1.5 hours of playtime.

Source: Walmart

Other stats worthy of a mention: once the John Deere ground loader is assembled, it weighs 40 pounds. It also stands at 39.25 inches tall, and is 48.5 inches long and 19.75 inches wide. It truly is kid-sized farm equipment!

The Peg Perego John Deere Ground Loader Ride-On is currently available on Walmart.com for $249.

Source: Walmart

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