Dairy Queen keeps coming up with the greatest new treat ideas. We are already in love with the Churro Dipped Cone and the Cotton Candy Dipped Cone, and we definitely need more of these awesome ice cream treats.

How can they get better? Well, you can now get a Bubblegum Dipped Cone for a limited time!

Courtesy of Dairy Queen Mexico on Instagram

The all new cone features a classic vanilla cone, coated in a crunchy bubblegum flavored topping, and celebrates the release of the all new SpongeBob SquarePants movie, SpongeBob to the Rescue.

It’s also a limited edition, so we’re not sure how long it will be available in stores.


The slightly more difficult part? The Bubblegum Dipped Cone is currently only available in Mexico. So if you are taking a trip south of the border? You need to try one out and maybe let the rest of us know how yummy it is.

Image Courtesy of Dairy Queen

We’re pretty convinced that it was our obsession with the Canadian Cotton Candy Dipped Cone that helped bring that treat to the US, so maybe the Bubblegum Dipped Cone can be next!


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