Eloise Suite at The Plaza

So many little cheloise by kay thompsonildren have grown up reading the much beloved “Eloise” books by Kay Thompson.

But in case you’ve missed them, the premise is that there is a very special little girl that lives in The Plaza Hotel, located in New York City at Fifth Avenue at Central Park South. Eloise finds all kinds of adventures there with her English nanny.

Now the real Plaza Hotel has a Suite that is decorated in the style of the “Eloise” books- where little girls of all ages can come be close to their fictional heroine.

How much will a night at Eloise’s Plaza Hotel cost you ask?

Just $3040 per night!

Too much?

Well, you can save some of that money and just take a glimpse at the Suite in the pictures below.

eloise doll

Eloise, her pet pug, and her turtle welcome little children that stay in the Suite.   Kids can also bring their own pets as long as they are under 25 pounds.

eloise on tv

The armoire is full of dress up clothes for girls.

eloise bathroom counter

The suite is designed by famed designer Betsey Johnson.

eloise bathtub

That is the perfect tub for bubbles, no?

girl jumping on pink bed - eloise

I don’t think you need to be six years old to enjoy this suite… I think I’d like to get cozy in those Eloise sheets.

The Plaza can invite me to the suite anytime.   My toddler and I would be very willing to try it out!

She Is Dallas info: The Plaza Hotel is located at Fifth Avenue at Central Park South, New York, New York. For more information on the Eloise Suite at the Plaza Hotel, please visit their website or call the hotel toll free at 1-888-850-0909.

“I am Eloise. I am six. I am a city child. I live at the Plaza.” comes from the book Eloise by Kay Thompson.  The book was first published in 1955 and has been a favorite of generations of daydreaming little girls.

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