Blogher – A Wrap Up

In honor of BlogHer 2011 which is happening next week in San Diego, Shannon is going to take us back to last year’s New York events…

BlogHer 2010!

I know! I know it’s all over the internet with bloggers buzzing about it! But I have just one last post about it before I hang up my purple Santa hat. And you know what? I think you are gonna appreciate this post even more if you DIDN’T go to BlogHer than if you did!

Here ladies and gentlemen is the mackdaddy link! The link to all the sessions that BlogHer 2010 held – in liveblogging transcript form!


A word of warning though. These are provided by wonderful bloggers who were typing their little fingers to the bone during sessions. And they have done their best to capture the broad points. But I’ve read the sessions I attended, and I can tell you that what may have been a paragraph long question will be reduced to a sentence on the transcript. Detailed answers will be reduced to just the main points.

So don’t think that this exactly what happened- it’s not the conference experience. It is however a GREAT resource for finding links that experts recommended or just getting the feel of how the sessions flow. I plan to go read through several sessions I wasn’t able to attend but was interested in for instance!

And if you need some more visuals click below to see my Whhrl story of BlogHer 2010!

PS. Just to give my take on two issues I’d heard about before going to BlogHer. Was there DRAMA?- I didn’t see any. I also hung out with nice girls- so that may be why:) SWAG- Yes there is more than I could possibly describe. I had a suitcase full, and shipped a box to myself. However I didn’t see anyone behaving badly to get swag- everyone I came in contact with was very polite and thankful for any swag they got.   But again- I was hanging out with nice girls so…     😉

Click if you would you like to read more about my trip to Blogher 2010 the parties or the crazy trip there!

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