Costco Is Selling 30 Count Boxes Of Mother’s Circus Animal Cookies and I Need It

There is something about enjoying a childhood treat, whether it is comfort or nostalgia. Mother’s Circus Animal Cookies are one of those treats, and Dairy Queen has already added a version of the treat to their summer Blizzard Menu.

But now, you can also buy an entire 30-pack of these delicious little cookies at Costco, and enjoy a snack-sized pack of animal cookies anytime you want.

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There is something extra wonderful about these teeny tiny animal shaped sugar cookies, topped with pink and white icing, and topped with rainbow-colored sprinkles.

Courtesy of Mother’s® Cookies on Facebook

Each box from Costco contains 30 1-ounce pouches of these awesome little pink and white cookies, so you can enjoy them right at home.

At $10.99 for the large box, the packages of cookies are just about 36 cents each, which makes them a yummy and affordable treat.

These animal cookies make the perfect treat for anyone, with a cup of coffee or tea for parents or with a cold glass of milk for kids. The only challenge now? Not eating the entire box at once!

Courtesy of Mother’s® Cookies on Facebook

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