Costco is Selling Packs of 36 Flavored French Macarons and I Need Them

We are huge fans of French Macarons, but they are tricky to make and not all store-bought macarons are created equal! In fact, some are kinda awful! That is why we are so excited about this option from Costco that will restore your faith in purchased flavored French Macarons!

These Tipiak macarons from Costco might be the yummiest option we’ve seen lately.


Costco Macarons

Each 36-pack of macarons features 6 different varieties of the French treat, with a flavor to please everyone at your house. The six choices include lemon, raspberry, pistachio, blood orange, blueberry, and white chocolate, in beautiful colors to go with the flavors.

French Macarons at Costco?

Macarons are an amazing treat, but aren’t the easiest baked good to make. With specialty ingredients and a finicky process, macarons are not something you just decide to make one random Sunday afternoon. The meringue outer layers and cream filling are delicious, so you definitely need these in your life.

How Much are Costco Macarons?

Normally, these macarons are priced at $14.79, which isn’t a bad deal to begin with. But right now, they’re on sale $10.79 until June 28. That’s only about 30 cents per macaron and you know you need to try them at that price.

What is a Macaron?

You may hear them referred to as either Macarons or French Macaroon. It is a cookie-like meringue confection with the ingredients: egg white, sugar, almond flour and food coloring. While some people use the two names interchangeably, often Macarons are made with almond meal and Macaroons are made with shredded coconut.

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