Writing in my stuck-at-home journal helps me process the pandemic, and record memories. It’s also the perfect way to keep busy during summer storms!

Stuck-at-Home Journal: Summer Storms
Little girl with an umbrella playing in puddles during a summer storm.

When it Rains it Pours

Welcome back to the S.S. Momma Is Waving the White Flag. It is day 2 of summer break.

I had plans to make a checkers board from flour out on the lawn today, soak up some vitamin D, and then  maybe take a nap. But, Mother Nature decided to come through last night and remind us all that with higher temps comes the possibility of pop up thunderstorms.

And pop did they ever!

The wind was horrible. My friend’s patio set ended up in her pool. Trees were down everywhere, and some people won’t have power for another day yet. The forecast called for passing rain. They may have underestimated just a tad.

Luckily, our power stayed on. But in the wake of the storm we have been left with horrible humidity. Three minutes outside, your body parts stick together, and the sweat is just nasty.

The kids begged to stay inside today.

Stuck-at-Home Journal: Summer Storms
Happy family enjoying popcorn and a movie!

It’s Thor’s Day…

Movie time it is. Did I mention the TV room is also where I do all my work from? My job, my household bills and such, are all done from the  office space right beside the TV area.

As I balanced the checkbook, I actually started to write “Thor” as the payee, instead of the water company, because we were watching the Avengers movie for the 37th time. They are great movies, but I cannot concentrate when Thor is on screen!


I made the mistake of letting them know they are going to their grandparents’ house tomorrow night for a sleep over. I thought it would put them in a good mood. No. It has made them keepers of the clock. Every fifteen minutes they have asked when they get to leave.

I finally stopped answering them and it got quiet. Do you know what I heard next? Alexa letting them know there were still 9 hours until bedtime. They have resorted to bringing Alexa into the equation.

The rest of the day was immediately planned out–first, unplug Alexa. I think I heard a hint of sarcasm in her voice during that last time check.

Stuck-at-Home Journal: Summer Storms
Woman driving and wearing a mask during the coronavirus pandemic.

Running two errands that do not include getting out of the car–just stop, drop, and roll on. Supper. Board game. Baths. Pack for sleep over. Bed.

While tucking kids in, I planned on tomorrow being my catch up day on all things adult, since the kids would be away.

This summer is going to be a little more challenging for us adults because we still want to give our kids the best summer break they can have, and yet keep them safe.

It’s truly going to a summer for the books, talked about for so many reasons. But we are all in it together and learning as we go.

I stubbed my toes the whole way through home schooling, and now it is only day 2 of  summer vacation and I am already off the planned path.

Stay tuned, can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings.

Stuck-at-Home Journal: Summer Storms
Two children, wearing masks, looking out of a window during quarantine.

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