Every road trip at my house requires a pit stop at McDonald’s for those hot apple pies. They need to be hot and fresh and they are just perfect with a cup of coffee.

Courtesy of @costcohotfinds on Instagram

Now, Costco is selling braided apple hand pies that look just like the ones you can buy at McDonald’s. I’m convinced that a minute or two in the toaster oven and I’ll have the perfect replica!

These 8-packs of apple strudels are perfectly braided with apple pie filling peeking out of the braids. The flaky pastry makes for the best outer wrapping, and is even better when it’s heated up.


How can you possibly go wrong with hot apple pies right in your very own kitchen? You could even heat them up, add some vanilla ice cream, and a bit of caramel drizzle, and you’ll have the perfect dessert too.

These yummy goodies can be found in your Costco bakery section, with an eight-pack of the apple hand pies retailing for just $7.99. At just about $1 each, it’s a great price for a treat.


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