Want to foster a love of the theater and teach your kids some American history? Well then you’re in luck!

Lin-Manuel Miranda — along with The Gilder Lehrman Institute for American History — are making their fabulous Hamilton Education program virtual!

The program teaches kids how to create and stage a play based on historical documents. It ends with kids recording their own theatrical pieces. Along the way, the virtual program guides students through every step of the creative process. 

How the Virtual Hamilton Education Program Works

The Hamilton Education Program was originally a classroom initiative that more than 164,000 students have participated in so far. Since many people are now stuck at home, they created an extension of the program. It’s entirely virtual and free… and the experience sounds amazing! 


After kids enroll in #EduHam at Home, they’ll receive an intro video from Lin-Manual Miranda himself. Mentors will also teach them about how to be creative theater artists. In other words, they’ll learn how to create a theater piece of their very own! To start: students are encouraged to do some research.

The program includes access to all sorts of research resources, including primary source documents that Lin-Manuel Miranda used to make his own award-winning Hamilton musical. Students will also be inspired by video interviews with cast and creative team members, as well as exclusive Hamilton clips.


Just in case that isn’t enough resources or material, #EduHam even includes curriculum based on America’s founding era; the curriculum is a basic introduction to the era, including info about the people, places, and documents of the time period. In other words, they’ll learn a ton about American history as they get ready to write their own theater piece. That theatrical piece can take on all sorts of forms, including monologues, raps, songs, or a scene. 

Bonus: check out the #EduHam or #HamatHome hashtags to find other student creations! 

Student Theatrical Creations May Be Featured Online

#EduHam at Home also provides students with the tools they need to record and upload their theatrical creations, and all students need is access to the Internet. Once the creations are submitted, the mentors/organizers select 10 performances to feature each week. The selected student masterpieces will be shared on social media, the Hamilton app, as well as the Gilder Lehrman Institute website. What a fabulous way to encourage a love of theater in kids! 

Hamilton kids
Source: Facebook/Hamilton

While the virtual program is designed for students in grades six through 12, anyone can join in the educational fun. Yes, that goes for younger kids and parents too. 

Students can register here for the #EduHam at Home program.

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