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Family conversation ideasDo you ever need help over dinner keeping the conversation going with your kiddos? My hubby and I often fall into the trap of talking to each other about our day and failing to purposefully engage the kids during meal times. I love this! It is not an “original idea” one of my daughter’s good friends was gifted a jar of “Family Preserves” for Christmas one year. Thanks Melody for letting me borrow your jar, copy your questions and add a couple dozen more. Thanks also to the QM facebook participants who helped add to the the list!
What you’ll need to make your own Jar of Talking Fun:family conversation ideas


First, we printed up our questions. The link should open a massive list of 99 different conversation starters. We painted the backs of our pages with shaving cream finger paint, then cut them into long slips. Emily, a friend, inspired us to swirl our slips or fold them into springs. Anything to make them fun to open. Then stuff them into the jar and – viola! You have a simple gift that keeps giving! Hours of family chatter!

family conversation ideas

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