LuLu the Malibu Goes Shopping

Grocery shopping ¦it can be that one little thread that when pulled a bit too much unravels the tightly knitted pieces of a mother's sanity.

Nothing can seem quite as stressful as loading into the car, driving to the local grocery mega-mart, attempting to locate the one cart in a sea of 57 that does not have a squeaky wheel, finding needed items, saying “No” approximately 2,251 times if shopping with children, purchasing groceries, racing home before the ice cream melts, and then realizing upon unloading all the goods that somehow three of the most desperately needed items were never purchased.

Want to know a little secret?

I *heart* grocery shopping ¦.but only when I am flying solo behind the wheels of my shopping cart with list in hand and a Starbucks cup close by.

This week, LuLu the Malibu accompanied me on my grocery run. I only grocery shop once every two weeks and have to purchase enough food/toiletries/paper goods for a family of four.

My question was on this particular day: Will LuLu the Malibu's trunk be able to hold all of my groceries?

I think the video below will answer such a question.

LuLu the Malibu Goes Shopping from Lynley Phillips on Vimeo.

Want to know some of my tips and tricks for having a successful grocery store trip? Go here and see how I save my sanity (and some dollars) while navigating the aisles of my local store.

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