This splinter removal hack is complete genius especially when it comes to kids. It’s never fun when your child gets a splinter.  There’s always much drama, especially when it comes time for removal.  

Tweezers?  Needles?  No thank you…we found the easy way to remove a splinter!

Genius Splinter Removal Hack - Kids activities blog - child holding up both hands in front of face with small splinter in finger
Mom! I have a splinter!

Splinter Removal Hack by Mom

One mom, Claire Bullen-Jones, shared an amazing hack to make splinter removal much easier and I can’t believe I haven’t ever heard of this idea before.  

Instead of getting out the sterile needle and tweezers, just get out a medicine syringe to get out the slivers!

Syringe Trick for Splinter Removal

She recommends using the syringe that comes with baby acetaminophen or ibuprofen, the ones that have a mostly flat top.

Claire Bullen

Steps for Splinter Removal

Step 1 – Set up for Splinter Removal

First, grab a flat ended syringe and gently wash the splinter area and let dry.

Step 2 – Position the Syringe

Then, just pull the plunger out a tiny bit for room to work, and line the hole up with the sliver.

Step 3 – Pull on Syringe Plunger Quickly

Press the top of the syringe against the cut and quickly pull the plunger out.  Make sure it’s a quick motion in order to get the sliver to dislodge!

Claire Bullen

Why Does this Splinter Removal Technique Work?

The air pressure from the syringe should lift the sliver from the skin.  

For deeper slivers, Bullen-Jones recommends you might need to repeat the process a couple of times.  

Once the splinter is removed, don’t forget to wash with soap and water to prevent infection.

An Easier Way to Remove Slivers

Even with more than one try, this still seems like a much better idea than the aforementioned needle and tweezers.  I’m definitely storing it in the back of my mind for camping trips this summer.

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Have you ever used this splinter removal hack? How did it go?

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