You Can Play with Penguins at a Zoo in Illinois and I’m On My Way Now

I think I know what I need to do on my next vacation … and it’s a meet and greet with penguins!

Yes, it’s a chance to spend time with the cutest little waddling birds on the planet.

Courtesy of Brookfield Zoo on Facebook

The Brookfield Zoo in Illinois now offers penguin encounters, where visitors can interact with Humboldt penguins.  

Humboldt penguins are a species of penguins native to South America.  They are approximately 2 feet tall and weigh just under 10 pounds.  

In Brookfield Zoo’s The Living Coast exhibit, visitors can watch the penguins swimming and waddling around in their habitat, as well as interacting with the zookeepers.

But visitors can also sign up for a more interactive experience with the Penguin Encounter.  

From Mondays through Fridays at 2pm and weekends at 11am and 2pm, twenty lucky guests can make a reservation for close-up time with the penguins.

Courtesy of Brookfield Zoo on Facebook

Each 45 minute presentation begins with a short talk from a zookeeper to learn more about the penguins, then a second zookeeper will bring the penguins out to you to waddle around the room, take photos, and greet their guests.  You can actual interact with the penguins as they wander around!

For more information, potential visitors can visit the Brookfield Zoo’s website to learn more and register for their own penguin encounter too.  It just might be the cutest $40 you’ll ever spend!

Courtesy of Brookfield Zoo on Facebook

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