These Animal Shaped Backpacks Protects Babies Heads If They Fall Over

We all know that babies are fragile and they are also quite clumsy. That is why I LOVE the idea of These Animal Shaped Backpacks That Protects Babies Heads If They Fall Over. Brilliant, right?


These adorable backpacks just strap onto your baby (like a backpack) and provide a cushion for their head. Should they happen to fall over, the ring at the top will protect their tiny heads! Awwww!

Aside from protecting the head if the baby were to fall, the hole in the top also helps prevent the baby from getting a flat spot. Awesome, right? 

The best part is, they come in a variety of animals with bright, cheerful colors including a Duck, Butterfly, Tiger, Owl, Elephant, Bunny, Lion, etc.

When these are being used to protect the babies head, they can just be worn so the baby has somewhere cozy to lay their head back on. Plus, they just look cute on.

These cost around $9 + shipping which is an awesome price. They are recommended from ages 4-24 months.

You can order an Animal Shaped Backpack that protects your babies head here.

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