Have you seen Oscar-winning animated short, Hair Love, yet? If not, you need to stop what you’re doing right now and watch it.   This adorable film illustrates the love between a dad and daughter as little Zuri relies on her dad to do her hair for the very first time.     Featuring an African American family, Zuri wants fancy twists, braids, and puffs in her hair, but her father isn’t quite sure how to create the styles.  Together, they watch tutorials, allowing dad to make Zuri’s hair dreams come true. The film was created by Matthew Cherry, a former NFL wide receiver, who initially funded the project via a Kickstarter.  The online fundraising attracted two prominent African American directors who worked on the project as well and eventually led to Sony Pictures distributing the short. Cherry wished to see more African American families represented in animation, and Hair Love is a perfect way to honor African American families and traditional hair styles and the special relationships between dads and daughters.  The film is approximately 6 minutes long and is definitely worth watching!   You can watch “Hair Love” below. We have the best Martin Luther King Jr activities!

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