Setting goals… how can one little concept be so exciting yet daunting? Well, it doesn’t have to be. Setting goals like a boss is easy with The She Did It All Planner!

Setting Goals Like a Boss is Easy with the She Did It All Planner

Set Goals Like the Boss You Are!

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Goal setting can be overwhelming. I went through a pretty good chunk of my adult life, cycling through periods of setting goals, often times failing to meet my high standards, growing discouraged, and then quitting.

I constantly felt like I wasn’t living up to what I could be doing, and it didn’t help that I did things the opposite way I had planned when I was first starting out, as far as having a family young, and then pursuing eduction and a career. Throw a divorce into the mix, and before I knew it, I was completely lost.

I needed to get back on track with goal setting, but I was confused, frustrated, and overwhelmed. My previous method of overstating my goals was no longer going to cut it (and I never should have went with that method in the first place).

Setting Goals Like a Boss is Easy with the She Did It All Planner

Set Manageable Goals

You’re starving. You can A.) Cram way too much scalding hot pizza into your mouth, choke, and burn yourself, or B.) Wait until it cools, and then take a bite at a time. Goal setting is no different! You’re hungry–the goal is the wind up fed, without choking. It doesn’t matter how long it takes!

Especially when you are just getting started, keep your goals manageable, and reasonable. If you set the bar too high, and you don’t accomplish what you set out to do, it could discourage you from trying. If you’re there right now, take a break (and order yourself a copy of The She Did It All Planner!).

Setting Goals Like a Boss is Easy with The She Did It All Planner!

Prioritize Your Goals

Rome wasn’t built in a day. Why is it that we want it all now, never cutting ourselves any slack, nor stopping to appreciate how far we have already come? Setting goals is much easier when you prioritize, and focus on one at a time.

One of my favorite features of The She Did It All Planner, is the planning section at the beginning of each month. There are places for you to brainstorm everything you would like to accomplish in the year, and then it is broken down into 90 day goals, and then even further broken down into (3) monthly goals, with weekly tasks that help you to realistically work toward smashing that goal in bite-sized pieces.

This feature is one of the main reasons this planner has been so successful in organizing my chaotic brain and life!

Setting Goals Like a Boss is Easy with The She Did It All Planner!

The She Did It All Planner, The Best Goal Setting Tool!

Not only does The She Did It All Planner help you to break your goals down into more manageable pieces, more importantly it helps reinforce the lesson that every step you make toward improving your life–no matter how small that step it–counts, and is important!

This planner has become my little cheerleader, and an invaluable log of how I have spent my time: both personal, and business-wise. I love being able to look back at the end of each month to see what I have accomplished. It also helps me to learn from what hasn’t been working, so that I can make adjustments.

Setting Goals Like a Boss is Easy with The She Did It All Planner!

Reward Yourself When You Accomplish Your Goals

One of my favorite parts of using The She Did It All Planner, is crossing off my To-Do’s! I love reflecting on my day, before bed, and glancing at what I accomplished all day. It also motivates me to get a good night of rest so that I can wake up and accomplish more daily, weekly, and monthly tasks, building toward my goals!

It is so important to reward yourself for wins–both big and small! You don’t have to do anything crazy, either! Grab a latte, take time to paint your nails, or go get a pedi. Spend extra time reading, or getting caught up on a favorite show, or simply review the “I am grateful for” and “what I want to remember from today” areas of your She Did It All Planner from the days leading up to you crushing your goal!

While goal setting is rewarding, and can change your life, it is still work, and something to be proud of. Recognize each step you take, just as much as you recognize achieving a goal.

Learn more and purchase the She Did It All Planner here!

Setting Goals Like a Boss is Easy with The She Did It All Planner!

Tips for Getting (and Staying!) Organized

What are your long-term and short-term goals for 2020? Comment below! 

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