Costco Has Heart-Shaped Macarons For Valentine’s Day and I Love Them

Costco now has the perfect, and affordable, dessert for your special Valentine’s Day dinner– heart-shaped macarons from Le Chic Patissier!

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This year, the adorable dessert bites come in raspberry and vanilla flavors, a change from last year’s strawberry-vanilla and raspberry macarons.  


Each box is filled with 25 shareable macarons, but we understand if you want to keep them for yourself.  The macarons sell for just $12.99, making them a very budget-conscious option.

What are these macarons exactly?  According to La Chic Patissier,

“Created specifically for Valentine’s Day, each macaron consists of two almond biscuit meringues, held together with a melt-in-your-mouth ganache of fruit puree fillings!”


So far, Costco has released the treats in California, Texas, and the midwest, with stores in the northeast promised these goodies by the end of January.  

Just don’t forget to buy yours before they sell out, as they are a limited edition item. Maybe one box for you and one to share.

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