The importance of proper penmanship

Third grade has not been without it’s challenges.   The biggest challenge has been the switch to cursive handwriting.


The mere mention of cursive handwriting sends shivers through Ryan’s body which he expresses as kicking, screaming and complaining in a modified 8 year old tantrum.

Curses on cursive.

He is getting better at it.   It isn’t such a struggle to form each and every letter.   In fact, most of what he writes is now legible.   Last week they had to write a paragraph about “qualities of an ideal sibling” for English.   He decided he would write about Reid and what makes Reid a really good brother.

Be still my mommy heart.

His main points were that Reid was helpful, liked to play together and would stick up for him.

Be still my mommy heart.

My brother by Ryan

Upon closer inspection, I noted that Ryan had once again forgotten to cross some of his T’s and dot some of his I’s.   In the process of correcting these minor errors, I couldn’t help but wonder if one was subconsciously intentional:

My brother by Ryan closer look

Yes, Reid is a good brother because he will “suck up”.

Come to think of it, isn’t that a quality we all admire in those around us?


  1. There is good news and bad news: Ryan seems destined for senior management.

  2. Ideal qualities in a brother! I want to hear what my kids would say! They can be such suck ups too!

  3. What beautiful handwriting…I thought that it was saying Reid would *sick* up for him.

  4. That is just hysterical! At least he’s honest! lol. Defenitely worth saving for the “baby book!”

    Found you through burbmom!Love your blog, ya got a new follower!:)

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