Babies can be very sensitive to temperature changes.  And often their little bodies respond with skin color changes immediately. The first time I saw my baby chilly, it was a little disturbing…he literally looked blue! Living in Texas, we appreciate a trip to the pool on a warm day.  It is one of the few outdoor activities that are a possibility in mid-July through August.  One thing that isn’t expected is that sometimes the water temperature is chilly and baby can actually be cold! Warm-At-The-Pool  

How to Keep Baby Warm

Some of the baby pool or splash pads we visit are covered to keep sensitive skin in the shade.  This is wonderful for preventing over-exposure to the sun, but can be a challenge for regulating temperature.
Being aware of the issue is the first step.  Finding a corner that might be in the sun can make the transition to cooler water tolerable.  Once skin is wet, staying in the water can help if there is a breeze present.
Immediately wrapping up in a towel after a dip is one of the best things about going to the pool!  Sitting poolside hugging a happy baby is one of life’s best perks.

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-Ask the manager if there is a time of day that the pool is at its warmest and try to schedule your visits then.

-We have a baby pool and we don’t have a outdoor hose. So my hubby got a hose from the pet store that is used to fill fish tanks. We just hook it to our sink and I can give them a heated pool. They love it! It was like $25.

-A friend of mine had that problem even in the bath and turned out he was anemic. Might be worth getting checked.

Get a neoprene wet suit for her. We’ve had one on my son for swimming since three months. He’s 17 months now and we can be in the pool over an hour with him in his wetsuit.

How Can I Keep My Baby Warm In The Pool?

Here are few baby wet suits designed to keep baby warm in the pool

If you are in a climate where this is a continual problem, here are some ideas that might be helpful.  Affiliate links to products are used to support Kids Activities Blog.

Soles Up Baby Warmer

Body Glove Infant Wet Suite

Splash About Neoprene Baby Snug (Neoprene is a material that provides excellent insulation against cold and is used by deep sea divers.) If you have any tips or tricks to keeping a baby warm in the pool, please stop by our FB page and tell us about it!

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