Naming a human being can be a really tough job.  Do you want a classic name or a trendier name?  Do you want a name with potential nicknames or do you want your child to be called only by the name you gave them?  And will you (and they) still like that name in ten, twenty, or forty years? The answer on all of the above is based on preference. While I can’t give you all of those answers, I can give you a single name idea… One name has really stood the test of time and it’s the most popular baby name since the 1950s … Michael! I have two cousins named Michael, we’re all adults now.  My first year teaching, I had five Michaels, including three in one class.  My son has friends named Michael.  It’s one of those names that just does not go out of style, from baby Michaels to grandpa Michaels! Chances are, you even know a Michael. Michael first showed up on the top 10 name list in 1943.  Between 1954 and 1998, it was the number one name in 42 of the 44 years!  Even with new names rising on the list, Michael remained in the top ten names for boys until 2017. Why has Michael remained popular?  Experts believe that it’s has to do with family naming traditions, with boys more often being named after their fathers and grandfathers than girls are named after their mothers and grandmothers. There have been over 4.3 million babies named Michael in the last century in the United States, how many do you know? 

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