Join A Kid's Cooking Challenge!

I announced this on The Naked Hero last week, but must give props again (’cause when props are due, they’re due). My kids ROCK. Here’s one reason why.

One of my sons has celiac disease and is sick and tired of the food he eats (rice, beans, tofu, and myriad combinations). My daughter loves to cook. We all love Jamie Oliver and his Food Revolution.

They were talking at dinner one night and all the sudden they dreamed up a challenge–cook, using Jamie Oliver’s recipes, and blog about it to encourage other kids to eat healthy, and to empower other kids with celiac disease. For 100 days… or 6 months… whichever comes first 😉

They’re well into their challenge and still fired up (it certainly helps that Jamie Oliver himself has Direct Messaged them on Twitter and is now following THEM!  Yes, Chef Jamie Oliver is following my kids and their challenge and how cool is that?). Plus we just found out they’re going to be in his monthly newsletter AND he commented on their blog!

And let me tell you, Jared and Sophie are regular kids who float through life like the next kid. But they’re not floating this time. They’re motivated, loving the blog, are thrilled every time someone subscribes or follows the blog, and in their minds, are loving their 15 minutes of fame.

They’ve made some great things including Classic Tomato Spaghetti and Chocolate Pudding Bake (SO good!).

They totally think they’re going to meet Jamie Oliver… or at least they really want to! (They were actually invited to come to a Jamie Cooking Project in the UK.  Small problem… we don’t live in the UK.)

We have no small dreams in this household!

This is their dream and they’re doing good for themselves, our family, and anybody who happens across their blog and is inspired by the fact that two kids are cooking healthy and gluten free. And if two kids can do it, surely you can, too.

I’m so proud of them! Please help them by spreading the word about Jared and Sophie and their Kid’s Cooking Challenge!  And join the challenge!

**You don’t have to eat gluten free! Jamie’s recipes aren’t, but we are adapting them, showing both ways.

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