Spin Master Released A New Toy That Your Kids Can Teach To Fly

Put this one on the holiday shopping list! Spin Master Released A New Toy That Your Kids Can Teach To Fly and it is so adorable, I want one!

The new toy from Spin Master is called ‘Owleez‘ and the first ever interactive toy pet that kids can teach how to fly. The adorable baby owl combines the ultimate trifecta of coveted features; unique pet, interactive nurturing toy and the magic of flight, but it needs the help of a child to fly.

It reminds me a lot of the Hatchimals only they actually need you to interact with it more and it’s an owl…

In a press release the company said:

“We are incredibly excited to introduce Owleez, our first ever interactive toy pet that can fly,” says Kate Keller, VP Marketing RC. “The combination of an interactive toy pet that children can actually teach how to fly is truly innovative. It’s extremely satisfying for kids to see the result of the love and care they put into their own Owleez toy pet. They experience the delight and reward knowing it is something that they taught it to do.”

The toy has over 100 interactive sounds and movements, the baby owl responds to touch, love and care. By swinging her through the air, children can teach her how to fly.

The toys come in white and pink as shown in the images above and can be pre-ordered right now for around $48 on Amazon. These adorable owls will make their debut on October 4, 2019. They are recommended for ages 6 and up.

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