I’ll be honest – I don’t really enjoy working out. I never have. And leave it to the fate of my life for me to marry a military man who loves working out. Fate is funny. But not funny enough to change my ways. I’ve heard part of the problem is my will. I don’t want to change my ways. I’ve also heard it’s hard without accountability.   In fact, that’s pretty much the only reason I think I’d ever take advantage of a paid membership to a workout facility – for the accountability.   It’s obvious that when you want something and you have accountability to achieve it, amazing things are possible! I recently had the opportunity to hear about Transform U Fitness, a community of individuals coming together in search of a way to be strong both mentally and physically.     Accountability at it’s best!   They are dedicated to making the world a happier healthier place AND they do it by giving you the support you need, and in the process form lasting friendships.   But don’t take my word for it, take theirs:
Name: Judy R. Age: 49 Total lbs lost: 30 (to date) When did you realize you wanted to change your life and be healthy? I have always worked out, but could never achieve my goals. So, after years of working out at the gym and not getting the results I wanted, I decided it was time to get serious about this weight loss thing. I was going to sign up with a trainer at a local gym, but my sweet husband said Why don't you call Heidi? She is doing something, because she looks amazing.” So, I did and she got me started working out at T.U.F., which has transformed my life. I now eat cleaner and my workouts are more intense and consistent. It truly has been a life changing experience. What is your biggest challenge? My biggest challenge is staying on track with my eating, but I am able to stay more consistent with the help and support of all the ladies at T.U.F..   Thanks ladies! What are some tips for others to help them stay on track? Set goals, stay positive, and never give up no matter what. If you slip up or have a bad day, just get back on track and your good to go. It doesn't hurt to have a place like T.U.F. to come to, and a trainer like Shayla to kick your Butt three times a week either.. What is the best compliment you have received since the new you ? My husband, Bill is always giving me compliments, even when I look my worst. So even though I appreciate his compliments, it's my daughter Rachel who gave me the best compliment. She said mommy you sure are looking thinner, and I am proud of you, all your workouts are paying off. Good job mommy! What is your favorite exercise and why? I guess I would have to say, running.   The reason I like running is because I feel I lose the weight quicker and I like being outdoors. However, I am just getting into Yoga and must say that I really love it!     Yoga challenges all your muscles, and helps keep you focused, which is exactly what I needed. Thanks Heidi!!!
Transform U Fitness is a private personal training and yoga studio located in Lewisville, Texas.   Their motto is: Transforming Bodies ¦Transforming Lives. They have many success stories just like this, illustrating how a healthy lifestyle is achievable.
Name:   Dee L Age:   29 Total lbs. Lost:   50+ Throughout most of my adult life, I have struggled with diets. I did them all – Can’t eat meat, Can’t eat carbs, Can’t eat foods high in fat, Can’t eat chocolate.  When the diets failed (which they always did), food became my comfort. Over the last three years,  life got crazy and I pretty much accepted the fact that I would always be big. However, Shayla changed my perspective on diets, exercise, and my overall opinion of myself. She introduced me to healthy choices and the benefits of an active lifestyle. With Shayla, it has never been about what I can’t do. Instead it has been about what I can do. I can do 100 lunges. I can run sprints. I can even do boy push ups. And yes, I  can enjoy chocolate or cheesecake. Through Shayla’s constant encouragement and accountability, I have shifted from a frequent dieter and over-eater to someone who looks forward to her workouts. Thanks Shayla for all you have done to show me what I CAN do!
They work with each individual client, every step of the way, to plan lifestyle changes that bring real results. Their programs are class based, always guided by a Cooper Certified Trainer, to provide encouragement and variety as they aim to decrease workout boredom.
Name:   Heidi A Age:   42 Total lbs lost:   50 I remember the flyer you posted, “Transform your life in 4 weeks.” I can say you deliver on your promises. I have tried for years to lose weight and become healthier and for some reason, until I met you, I could not put all of the pieces together. Dieting alone did not bring results. Exercise alone did not work. You were able to bring the eating plan, cardio and strength training  together for me to achieve real results.   Amazingly, it wasn’t painful and I can’t believe that I now like to run and don’t dread my cardio work.   The benefits go beyond how I look though. I feel stronger and more confident. I am setting an example for my kids that maintaining a healthy body is important and encouraging them to  try new things  and set goals. You have transformed my lifestyle  in numerous ways.   I want to thank you for all you have done and continue to do – you have  a special gift.
Transform U Fitness is expanding quickly and they are excited to offer a full schedule of yoga, Zumba and Hoopnotica classes, in addition to their regular boot camps,   starting July 5th. This expansion allows them to provide adult and kids bootcamps along with adult and kids yoga programs, running simultaneously so that families can get fit together.   They also offer the services of an on-site massage therapist as well as an esthetician for their clients, by appointment. If you are ready to try a new approach to getting fit and healthy, one that’s proven to work, then get ready to Transform YOU with Transform U Fitness!

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