Woman Finds Giant Spider In Her Home and Asks Facebook for Help Removing It

Well, add this to the top of ‘posts to never look at again’. Seriously, I don’t do spiders very well and I mean, when a spider is this big, how could you? A woman took to Facebook to ask for help removing a giant spider from her home and it went as well as you expected… People said to BURN HER HOUSE DOWN.

Okay, it’s hard to tell from the picture above just how BIG this thing is but, the lady that posted on Facebook is from Queensland, Australia. If I know anything about Australia, it’s that they are known for BIG spiders. Spiders so big, they can eat a small animal… although, they mostly stick to eating insects and other bugs.

The post on Facebook references the spider as a Huntsman Spider and according to Life Science, the average huntsman spider species is about one-inch-long, with a leg span of up to five inches, while a giant huntsman spider has an average leg span of up to 12 inches.

Credit: Marie Knight/University of Florida.

So, yeah – big spider and not one you can just smash with your hand or a shoe.

And when Facebook user Laree Clarke posted about needing assistance removing the spider from her home, people started on with the memes and funny sayings telling her to burn her house down. I mean, I don’t blame them.

Honestly, I couldn’t ever live in Australia just for this reason. I probably won’t ever visit there either. This is a BIG nope for me.

Oh and in case you’re wondering, she did get the spider removed safely without having to burn her house down!

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  1. Omg see that gaint spider, looks very dangerous like in a movies and i think it is a robo.

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