*Queue the Trolls music* because Amazon Released This Rainbow Amazon Echo Designed For Kids and You Can Get It Now!
The All-New Echo Dot Kids Edition is an Echo Dot designed just for kids in mind and the best part – it is rainbow colored! What makes this echo dot perfect for kids? According to the description:
“This is an experience made for younger ears. Just ask and Alexa will play music, answer questions, read stories, and tell jokes—all with kid-friendly content. In addition to the fun new design and improved speaker, you also get a 2-year worry-free guarantee and a 1-year FreeTime Unlimited subscription.”
So, it’s a way for your kids to safely connect to the internet and explore technology. Your kids can ask Alexa age-appropriate questions and Alexa will answer. You can even spend time with your kids listening to a box on tape because it’s as simple as asking Alexa to read you a bed time story… And for times when you need a random dance break, this echo dot has you covered too (again, you should play the “Can’t Stop The Feeling” song by JT) Want to know the feature that really has me sold? The babysitter feature. No, the Alexa will NOT babysit for you but rather assist in babysitting. The Babysitter Skill Blueprint allows you to activate a mode in which the babysitter can  have an easier time finding things or remembering certain routines. It even helps keep track of allergies to food and medications. Let me tell you – that is BRILLIANT. As a mom with a son with food (peanut) allergies, this feature alone makes the price 100% worth it. And if the price has got you worried, don’t worry, it costs less than $70 and shipping is included if you are a prime member. Oh and if rainbow isn’t your jam, the echo dot kids also comes in blue like the one below. My kids are already putting this on their list from Santa and I am already ordering them now!

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