If it takes a village to raise a child, running a household should require an entire team of experts! Outsourcing household work might not be in the budget, but it reduces stress. If money wasn’t an obstacle, who would you hire first to help you at home? If Money Wasn't An Obstacle, Who Would You Hire First To Help You At Home?

If Money Wasn’t An Obstacle, Who Would You Hire First To Help You At Home?

My parents taught me to do all household work myself, and save the money I would have spent hiring someone.  I very rarely outsource any work. I started my own freelance business so that I continue to be a stay-at-home working mom, after my divorce. This allowed me the flexibility needed to care for my health challenges and my daughter’s. Thanks to this, I haven’t had to worry about hiring child care services. No cleaning lady for me, either as I actually like cleaning. It’s my go-to when I am stressed or angry. If Money Wasn't An Obstacle, Who Would You Hire First To Help You At Home?

Hiring a Cleaning Company to Help You At Home

I have hired help a couple times over the years–like when I was pregnant and on bedrest toward the end. One of my pet peeves is a dirty kitchen and bathroom, so it was killing me that I couldn’t deep clean anything. My ex-husband worked long hours, and could only do so much around the house. We temporarily hired a very part-time cleaning lady until our daughter was born. She only came out a couple of times before I gave birth to my daughter. I remember feeling lazy and over-indulgent, let alone uncomfortable at first. I wanted so badly to go give everything a wipe down before the cleaning lady arrived! She was very sweet and wonderful at her job. I can see how it could be addicting if someone is very busy, has the resources, and doesn’t like cleaning!

If Money Wasn't An Obstacle, Who Would You Hire First To Help You At Home?

Hiring an Exterminator to Help You At Home 

A few weeks ago, I noticed a wasp INSIDE of my house. Anything with a stinger is my kryptonite. I had no choice but to somehow kill it (I am sorry if you’re against that–I promise it wasn’t a bee). I did what any sane person does when killing a wasp in the dead of summer. After layering up in my protective suit of my winter coat, winter hat, boots, and gloves, I sprayed that sucker with cleaning solution until it fell into an empty cardboard box from our new vacuum, and shut the box. I held my breath and ran my pitiful trap outside, hyperventilating.  My neighbor asked me why the heck I was dressed to go skiing in 80 degree weather. He confiscated the box (you know, so I wouldn’t have to worry about the victim’s angry friends coming for me in retaliation. Shhh, it made so much sense in my mind at the time). He told me to just come and get him if it ever happened again, lest I should die from or heat stroke or fear (seriously, I’m sweating just typing this). If Money Wasn't An Obstacle, Who Would You Hire First To Help You At Home? Not even a week later, it happened AGAIN. I booked on over to that poor neighbor, who probably regretted his offer. He took care of it, and then told me that I should probably call an exterminator because I might have a nest nearby.  It’s a good thing I took his advice. Turns out I had a mini-nest growing INSIDE MY KITCHEN WINDOW. Those little suckers physically pushed the top of the window down, packed it full of mud, and were able to get in and out whenever they pleased. This wasn’t easily visible from outside because it was inside the top of the window. It was not at all visible from inside, due to curtains. He was the best $150 I’ve ever spent. The exterminator came out, ripped the nest down, crunched it IN HIS HAND (I almost passed out), and then closed and re-locked the top of my window, before spraying the outside of my house with an organic, green deterrent spray. Problem solved, but I’m still recovering, haha!

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