Playing Motherhood: Free Online Summit for Moms!

Being a Mom is the most fulfilling thing I have ever done, but it’s also the hardest. It truly takes a village of positive and uplifting women to not only make it through, but to flourish! That’s where the Playing Motherhood: Free Online Summit for Moms comes in!

Playing Motherhood: Free Online Summit for Moms!

What is the Playing Motherhood: Free Online Summit for Moms?

This ain’t your mama’s online summit! While the 14 + parenting, child development, and family experts who will be on hand to speak are 100% inspiring and empowering, they are not perfect, nor do they pretend to be. I mean, everyone has a heaping laundry pile, and prefers sweat pants whether they admit to it or not! They have worked hard to get to the place they are at, and are excited to share their life experience with you for free.

The goal of this online summit for moms is to allow women from all walks of life to come together for a cyber coffee date in an uplifting, judgement-free zone, to share the nitty gritty truths of parenting, as well as what works best for them, and to commiserate over any fails that have been experienced along the way… because we have ALL been there, mama.

Playing Motherhood: Free Online Summit for Moms!

The Importance of Connecting with Other Moms

Moms are under a ton of stress, whether it’s work-related, family and child-related, health-related, financial-stress… the list goes on! Us mamas are constantly expected to balance it all, while accomplishing all the things. 

Exhausting, right? 

Mom friends just get it, in a way no one else does, because they are right there in the trenches with you. I am so lucky to work with amazing women, and have a tribe of mom friends right in my neighborhood who I can open up to about anything from sleepless nights worrying over something that happened to my tween, to my latest business goal. It is essential!

Registering for the Playing Motherhood Online Summit opens you up to a vast array of new mama friends and parenting topics that might even inspire a new path in your life, in a positive and encouraging setting

Plating Mdotherhood: Free Online Summit for Moms!

July 8th Supermom Speakers: 

  • Lauralyn Johnson of Smart Moms Plan Disney – Go Pack: How Not Need a Vacation after a Family Vacation!
  • April Woods of Mama Loves Food: Master the Game of Feeding the Family
  • Carla White of Gratitude Labs LLC: Support–Motherhood Doesn’t Have to Be a Game of Twister
  • Joy Wilder of Joy Wilder LLC: Organization–Simple Steps to a Chaos-Free Home Life

July 9th, 2019 Supermom Speakers:

  • Becky Mansfield of Your Modern Family: Poops and Bladders–Mom-Tested Method to Easily Potty Train in a Weekend
  • Arena Blake of Kids Activities Blog: Boredom Traps–Simple Strategies to Keep Kids Creative (& Busy)
  • Carlie Kercheval of Fulfilling Your Vows: Game of Love–Actionable Ideas to Reinforce Your Family’s Foundation
  • Dayna Abraham of Lemon Lime Adventures: In Trouble–Physical Game Plan to Change Kids’ Behavior

July 10th, 2019 Supermom Speakers:

  • Chantelle Paige Turner of Stronger Mommy: Special Needs–How to Win the Game of a Special Needs Diagnosis
  • Jamie Harrington of Totally The Tribe-o Moms Need Friends Too…Now More Than Ever
  • Jill Riley of Confidence Meets Parenting: The Game of Sleep–How to Avoid Bedtime as a Battlefield

July 11th Supermom Speakers: 

  • Rachel Martin of Finding Joy: Self-Care–Taking Care of Yourself Before All The Pieces Fall
  • Amiyrah Martin of 4 Hats and Frugal: Famopoly–Secrets to Family Financial Success
  • Eileen Wilder of Wild & Free: Juggle–Keeping Family & Business Pieces in Play
  • Mindy McKnight of Cute Girls Hairstyles: Battle Screens–System to Keep Kids on the Positive Side of Tech
  • Last but certainly not least, our host of Playing Motherhood… Holly Homer!


Playing Motherhood: Free Online Summit for Moms!

When is the Playing Motherhood Virtual Event Taking Place? 

This amazing, free, virtual play date for mamas that is the Playing Motherhood Free Online Summit for Moms runs from July 8th, 2019 – July 11th 2019, and the best part is that you can participate from the comfort of your own couch! 

Playing Motherhood: Free Online Summit for Moms!

How Do I Register for the Free Playing Motherhood Virtual Summit for Moms? 

The whole goal of this online event is to connect moms with amazing, helpful information as efficiently as possible (I mean we’re all busy momming, right?!). All you have to do to register or find more information on the Playing Motherhood: Free Online Summit for Moms is click here! We hope to see you there!

Playing Motherhood: Free Online Summit for Moms!

More Resources for Busy Mamas

In the meantime, grab a cup of coffee and check out these posts, and comment on them to keep the conversation going!

Are you registering for the summit? What parenting topic do you want to discuss? 

Grab Your Seat at Playing Motherhood Online Summit

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