With Easter Sunday nearing, you will probably end up with an abundance of Peeps. If you like them, you won’t find this a problem (unless you’re on a diet) but if you can’t stand the taste of them, they’ll likely end in the trash.

Before throwing them away, you should consider repurposing them by making your own Peeps Keychain.

peeps keychain

Yes, I am super serious and it totally turns out to be a cute, springy keychain. Bonus: you’ll probably never misplace your keys again.

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I love this craft because it’s easy for kids to help with too. And, if you have kids that have their own set of house keys, this just makes it a bit more colorful and fun for them! 

peeps keychain up close

Peeps Keychain

What you need to make a Peeps Keychain:

fingers holding peeps keychain

How to make a Peeps Keychain:

First, open your pack of Peeps and tear one off.

Next, take your small screw eye and carefully screw it into the middle of the bottom of the Peeps (near the tail end).

Allow this to harden for several hours or overnight for best results. You want the sticky part of the marshmallow to harden around the screw eye so it stays once you put the key ring on it.

peeps keychain on table

Finally, add the key ring with the chain (you may need pliers to tighten this around the screw eye) and then attach it to your keys!

Easy, peasy and a totally cute way to use Peeps without having to eat them or throw them away!

Although we used the original Peeps, you can also try this with the Bunny shaped Peeps as well! Have fun and make different colors and shapes. 

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