I love unique gifts. In fact, I live for them. And this Tortilla Blanket for Babies is perfect for the taco night enthusiast.
Credit: Amazon
Who am I kidding? It’s perfect for any night! I’m sure you’ve caught yourself thinking, “you look like a little burrito” while swaddling your baby. I know I have!
Credit: Amazon
And that is exactly what makes this tortilla swaddle blanket perfect! The Amazon description says:
“From their sweet rosy cheeks to their delectable little toes, you know your baby looks good enough to eat, and now he or she can dress the part with this fiesta-worthy rendition of swaddling clothes. Your Baby Will Look Like A Chipotle Burrito In This Tortilla Blanket.” – Amazon
And if your baby happens to be up for the part, a swaddle blanket and matching tortilla hat are what’s included.
tortilla blanket
Credit: Amazon
Man, I wish I had seen this a few months ago so I could have included it on my baby registry! You can snag this on Amazon for just under $15 which is a steal considering other sites are selling them for $35+.  And if you really want to go crazy with your taco/tortilla obsession, you can snag a Taco Blanket for yourself.
Credit: Amazon
Or, even better, snag a matching tortilla blanket for yourself. You and your family will be adorable little burritos in no time!
Credit: Amazon
Check out this Bat Swaddle Blanket!

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