This is one of my favorite stories.  I wrote it many years ago when I still had a kid at home during the school day.  My youngest is now in 2nd grade and it makes me a little sad that these days are over… Once upon a time there were three backpacks. Three backpacks A brand new yellow one. A brand new green one. A hand-me-down orange one. The brand new yellow backpack was packed with enthusiasm and was to accompany a first grader to his first day of school.   This backpack was carefully chosen by the first grader for it’s bright and sunny color. The brand new green backpack was packed in tolerance and was to accompany a third grader to his first day of school.   This backpack was chosen by the third grader because his best friend had the same one. The hand-me-down orange backpack was stuffed in frustration because it’s 3 year old recipient was too little to go to school.   This backpack was handed-down because the 3 year old was upset and a bit tantrum-ish he couldn’t choose a new one. 2 boys with backpacks on the first day of schoolThe first day of school arrived and the boys’ mother pulled out the camera to take pictures of the event.   The first and third grader posed with the brand new yellow and green backpacks as successfully as a first and third grader can pose on the first day of school. Preschooler sits with backpackThe first day of school arrived and the 3 year old pulled out HIS hand-me-down orange backpack.   He demanded to be included in the pictures. 3 boys with 3 backpacksThe brand new yellow and green backpacks and the hand-me-down orange backpack were all placed in the back of the minivan and hauled off to the first day of school. 3 boys stand in front of school on first dayThe boys’ mother again coerced photography on the group at the school’s entrance. The brand new yellow, the brand new green and the hand-me-down orange backpacks were all pulled into the school. The brand new yellow backpack went to first grade. The brand new green backpack went to third grade. The hand-me-down orange backpack went back home. Going home Back at home the 3 year old required a bit of extra hugging – backpack and all.

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  1. Aww…

    I would give the hand-me-down orange back-pack and the underage boy pulling it stubbornly along a hug, too.

  2. AWESOME story Holly! But just think of all the fun the Orange Backpack will have while the Yellow & Green backpack are at school 🙂

  3. Aw, poor little back pack just wants to be like his big brothers. So sweet… Hope everyone still had a good day!

  4. Orange Backpack, it will be okay, and one day, you might not be so enthusiastic about going to school, believe it or not. 🙂 For now though, enjoy all the mommy time you can get.

  5. We are certainly going to have to do something similar when the 5 yr old starts kindergarten this year, and the 3 yr old has to stay home. So sad for the littler ones.

    I think it’s great that your school allows backpacks with wheels and handles. Ours explicitly doesn’t. It seems like an awful lot for the little ones to carry, frankly.

  6. Holly, I like the cut of your jib. Your style. The way you do things. Yes I do. Whooo! WHOOOO! You’re on the hot tamale train! Yes you are! YES YOU ARE! WHOOOO!

    ahem (sorry. way too much SYTYCD)

    I’ve read roughly 700 back to school posts over the past few days.

    This one is so completely YOU. I love it.

    Poor little 3 year old. When my older boy started school, my younger screamed “WANT Buddy!” pretty much non stop until he came home again. It’s hard for the littlest one.