This article is inspired and sponsored by Sylvan Learning.  All opinions are my own. If you haven’t heard, Sylvan Nation is here to help parents support their kids with educational tips and tools for navigating school.  Even better, when you access these tips and tools, you get rewarded too! There is growing research that confirms that when parents are involved in a kid’s education, they are more likely to succeed. Take the Pledge It makes sense.  When kids feel supported both at home and school, they can get the help they need where they need it. I want the best for my kids. We all want the best for our kids! Let’s agree not to sit on the sidelines of our kids’ educations.  We will get involved.  We will support their efforts.

5 Pledges For Parents In Support Of Education

I pledge to ask my child about his/her classes.

And if the answer is just “fine”, I pledge to dig deeper and get some actual information!  I have three boys and there is very little information that is given to me without an investigation.  I have learned that finding a quiet time alone with one boy is usually when I can get the true story.  A ride in the car, a stop by his room or an impromptu walking of the dog can all be leveraged for answers. Kids in Classroom

I pledge to make sure my child is prepared for the next school day. 

I will ensure that homework is done at a reasonable hour so they can get to bed for a full night’s sleep.  I will also supervise their morning routine to make certain that they get everything they need for a day of classes in their backpack!  A backpack packing list hung on the wall of the mud room can help keep things organized.

I pledge to use resources available to me at Sylvan Nation.

By joining Sylvan Nation (which is free and available to everyone), I have access to school tips and resources to assist my child’s education.  Along the way, I earn points that can be turned into fun rewards like gift cards, prizes and exclusive offers including FREE Sylvan Learning services (yay!).  There are resources for kids of all ages from Pre-K Sylvan workbooks to college readiness resources.  <–They grow so fast! love school

I pledge to check my school’s website, calendar and newsletter to stay informed.

It is important to me to improve my understanding of what is going on at my student’s campus.  Before I added a reminder on my calendar weekly to go seek out these resources, I found myself always a few steps behind!  It was embarrassing to be the one who was calling the school to ask for an extension on a field trip permission slip or buying that extra ticket for prom.

I pledge to request a meeting with my child’s teacher whenever I identify an issue.

Recognizing that I am a partner in my child’s education comes with responsibilities of communication with his teacher.  There are times when a piece of the puzzle may lie only in the classroom or at home.  Together we can tackle this much more effectively than apart.  We are two of the most important people in my child’s life who are on his side and working for his success.

Bonus Pledge for Education

I pledge to sign up 100 other parents for Sylvan Nation.

Raising successful humans is easier when you have the support of friends, neighbors and awesome resources that are available at Sylvan Nation.  This free resource is designed with parents in mind.  It’s place to find information to help support our kids in their academic endeavors. You can sign up here. boy and microscope And you can find a bunch of tips and tools for navigating school, all while earning points, getting cool rewards and discovering ways to help YOUR kid(s). And when YOU refer another parent, you will earn even more points (and make their life easier with the support of Sylvan Nation). It is a win-win for parents. It is a BIG win-win for kids.

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