The Frozen 2 Trailer is here! We are frozen obsessed in my house. I still remember the magic of seeing Anna and Elsa together for the first time. I remember the way my daughter snuggled her little Olaf every night as she fell asleep, and I remember singing Let It Go

For months. How can that song stay in your head for so long?

Oh, good. Now it’s stuck in my head again.

The Frozen 2 Trailer is such a big deal in our house! We decided to do a little Frozen 2 Trailer celebrating. (Okay, fine, it was just an excuse to do some really awesome winter crafts.) 


Fun Ways To Celebrate The Frozen 2 Movie

We adore these super cute Frozen ice castles. (Just wait until you see what you use to make them!)

These Frozen 2 candies are perfection. And they travel well, too!

It’s easier than you think to whip up an Olaf Pom Pom

Or maybe you could make some Frozen 2 playdough!

It doesn’t really matter how you decide to celebrate the Frozen 2 trailer. Just get excited that Frozen 2 is almost here! Well, it’s going to be here SOON anyway, and that’s enough to keep me singing!


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Yes! I can’t wait!

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