Today is worldwide I love and miss Michelle day…

This is my world…I call the shots and today is devoted to my friend Michelle (who hasn’t joined the blogworld, yet…). I met Michelle at the gym several years ago a few weeks after she moved to Texas. If you believe her side of the story, I walked up to her and stated that since she didn’t have any friends she was stuck with me. My recollection of the event is much more refined, sophisticated and friendly. I love Michelle because she has no verbal filtering system. If she thinks it, she says it. It is very refreshing and down-right funny. We were known to subject area restaurants to between 3 and 5 kids between us after a work-out. She dragged me to cardio (kicking, screaming) and I dragged her to yoga (grumbling, complaining). Then Michelle moved. I have been so upset I am boycotting cardio until she returns (well, that isn’t exactly a sacrifice, but a grand gesture anyway). Here is a declaration to the entire state of Pennsylvania–please make my friend feel welcome. Please stop her in the gym and tell her that she is now your friend…

P.S. Michelle emailed me yesterday and demanded that she be put in my blog, but that doesn’t change that all the above is true.
P.P.S. Please note that the haiku is also for Michelle so that she sees I covered all my bases.


  1. Burgh Baby's Mom says:

    Ha! We stole her from you! I think that Michelle’s that don’t know how to filter what they say are the greatest humans on Earth. Truly.

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