Think back to when you were little and you were told to eat more vegetables… it’s been going on for ages and it probably won’t stop. It’s the battle of the child vs the vegetables. Don’t worry- it’s not just you. I’m sure that if you asked any of your friends, they’d all have the same concerns. Today we have some ideas to help. We are going to find sneaky ways to get our kids to eat more veggies! From the healthy eater to the picky eater… we’ve got you covered.
Sneaky Veggies Girl Eating Vegetable
Serve veggies with dip like ranch or hummus! Have it ready when the kids come home from school or come in from playing outside. They will be so hungry that they will eat whatever you serve. When you are making spaghetti, add some blended carrots or another veggie to the sauce. Add refried beans and diced tomatoes to tacos! My kids have never noticed. Just try to puree the tomatoes before you add them. As soon as you come home from the store, cut & prep your veggies. When your child is hungry before dinner, tell the the only option is the veggies. They will already be ready, so everyone will be happier. You don’t have to cook them. Not everyone is going to like the same kind. Sometimes kids prefer them fresh over cooked. Set the example with yourself. If you do not eat vegetables yourself, your kids will notice! Add them to meatballs. I just add a jar of baby food to any meat that I’m making (usually it’s carrots) Add spinach or kale to your smoothies. When it is blended with berries and other fruit, no one will ever notice! When you are introducing a new vegetable, have a “take at least one bite” rule. Keep trying! It can take time for kids to develop a taste for veggies. Try “A bite of this, a bite of that”. If you are serving a side of chips or fries, say “A bite of vegetables gets you a bite of a chip.” Make the veggies into a pattern, face, or design on their plates. It may be more fun and they won’t even realize they are eating them! Head to a local farmer’s market or grocery store and encourage your child to pick out a couple vegetables to try! What tips would you add to the list?
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