Safe Sleep For Babies Hands And Feet


Did you know that the infant mortality rate in Finland is less than half of the United States infant mortality rate?

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There are multiple factors that play into these numbers, but it is no question that safe sleeping for infants is a major one.

Safe Sleep For Babies Hands And Feet

When I got pregnant with my daughter, I knew nothing about babies. None of my friends had kids yet either so I didn’t have many people to give me guidance on anything about having a baby.

So how can we ensure that we are creating the safest sleeping environments for our babies?

Educating ourselves is the first step!

Today, we’re sharing a resource that I would have loved to have to have back when I got pregnant 4 years ago. In fact, after having tried out The Baby Box Co. I have no doubt that I will use it again next time I get pregnant to refresh my mind on infant safety.

Having the knowledge that Baby Box University provides can help moms rest easier knowing they are doing everything they can to keep their babies safe.

The Baby Box University course provides info for new parents on safe sleep, nutrition, postpartum depression, and tons more in a short, easy to follow format.

The longest video is a little over 2 minutes and most of the videos are under a minute but packed full of good info.

After you finish the course (about 20 minutes total) and take a short quiz, Baby Box University will send you a free baby box!

Safe Sleep For Babies Baby Box

A baby box is exactly what it sounds like, a box for a baby to sleep in!

Finland has provided expectant mothers with a baby box for 75 years and is believed to be a large contributor to Finland’s low infant mortality rate.

The box contains a small mattress pad inside and nothing else. This creates an ideal safe sleeping environment for babies.

When you complete the Baby Box University course, they will send you your very own baby box along with helpful samples like baby wash, lotion, diapers, and breastfeeding supplies.

Safe Sleep For Babies Baby Box Inside

In addition to using the baby box, there are other things you can do to ensure your babies are in a safe sleeping environment.

These are the current sleep guidelines provided by the American Academy of Pediatrics.

  • Place the baby on his or her back to sleep
  • The baby should not sleep with anything. That includes crib bumpers, blankets, pillows, or stuffed animals. The sleep space should be completely empty.
  • Sharing a room with your baby for at minimum 6 months is recommended. Up to a year of room sharing is preferred.
  • Co-sleeping is not currently recommended as a safe sleeping habit. Babies should share a room with their parents, but not a bed.

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