How I Lost 16 inches in One Day

A few weeks ago, over a romantic dinner sans children, my husband leaned over the table to tell me something.

Eagerly, I leaned in my own self, expecting to hear sweet words of love and adoration fall from his lips.

Uh, your hair is in the queso,” was not exactly what I expected him to say.

It was at that moment that I knew it was time…time to get my self to the salon to have the hair I had been working on growing out for years cut and donated to Locks of Love. Knowing that any ole salon would not do when such a dramatic cut was needed, I called upon the gals at Splurge Salon in Flower Mound. Thanks to my uber cool friends over at Business 2 Blogger who gave me the hook-up with Splurge and their friendly staff.

Because I am slightly a computer nerd and slightly a  Type A personality, I brought along my mother (and Miss E…mainly because she appreciates a quality salon) to  document my hair cutting experience.

The Before pictures:

Can you believe that I was washing and drying this mane most mornings?

My lovely stylist, Jenna, is the Locks of Love guru at Splurge and knew exactly how to divide my hair into smaller sections to ensure a quality donation.

Check out my super-hip, not-at-all dorky five ponytails:

The peanut gallery was taking the whole experience in as this happened:

After the hair was sectioned, the big cut happened. I tried to keep a calm demeanor, but I was really nervous. Although it has always been my plan to donate the hair, once it came time for the big chop I   began questioning if hair donation was really a good idea. Such thoughts as “Maybe I should donate some plasma or possibly a kidney instead?” were going through my little head. Fortunately, super stylist Jenna  did not hesitate  and bravely made that first cut.

Then she cut some more….

And some more….

Until finally the hair looked like this:

Good-bye, 16 inches of hair (If only losing 16 inches off the waist was just as easy!)

The donated hair was bagged and put aside. I breathed a huge sigh of relief and skipped off to the back of the salon for the always lovely hair wash and head massage. Yes..head massage. Splurge Salon believes in treating their clients right, making the entire hair cutting experience truly an experience.

After the wash and massage, Jenna began cutting away at my now short hair. As I blogged about last week, I had a vision in mind of how I wanted my hair to look. I also has a bevy of pictures to show my stylist. (Savethephillipsfamily hair tip: Always have a picture of desired style. Your hair stylist will thank you!).Scissors flew as Jenna transformed my unsightly bob into something cute and sassy. She took the time to analyze my hair and figure out exactly how to make it behave. Because I have such outrageously thick hair, she was not shy with the scissors as she attempted to create the perfect razored look to my style.

One hour and 45 minutes after I entered the salon this is how I looked:

I believe a sign of a good haircut is how it looks the day after a big cut. Proof that Jenna indeed worked some serious hair mojo on my locks is how it looked the following day at a family wedding.

To date, everyone has loved the new style…with the exception of one little boy. The 4 yr old is not really a fan. When I arrived home Friday after the big chop, he said, “It looks like an old lady has entered the house.” Nice. He has since mentioned the lack of hair a few times, lamenting over how he cannot play with hair so short. That’s life, buddy.

Thinking of donating hair to Locks of Love? Visit their website and see how your hair can help thousands of children needing wigs.

Thinking of updating your do for Spring? For those of you in the DFW area, I recommend heading over to Splurge Salon in the Shops at Highland Village. They are an upscale full service salon that strives to go above and beyond to make their clients happy. A few perks they offer include:

Special thanks to Splurge Salon for my complimentary haircut and to Business2Blogger for this opportunity.

Head on over to Splurge for a new Spring ‘do. Be sure to mention that Lynley from Savethephillipsfamily sent you!


  1. AND don’t forget that Splurge is a No-Tipping salon! That was a BIG deal to me…

  2. YES! I love the fact that Splurge is a non-gratuitous salon. Be sure to tell Jenna you heard about Splurge from me!

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