Fine-toothed Comb

Reid has an unusual talent.

Reid in fountain

He has a unique ability to get whatever he is eating stuck in his hair.

The weird thing is that he is not a messy eater.   In fact, he is quite a clean eater and when he is done he looks perfectly tidy until you try to comb his hair.


Ouch because what is usually in his hair is not easily removed…especially with a comb.

Syrup from pancakes, syrup from waffles, jelly from toast, chocolate sauce from ice cream and honey from thin air all seem to find their way to the top of Reid’s mop.


I took the boys for a haircut yesterday.   Before I went I combed through their hair so they would look presentable.   While working on Reid’s hair I noticed several patches of post-breakfast stickiness.   I rinsed his head with water before combing through it on our way out the door.   I thought I had gotten it all.

After Reid’s haircut I joked, “Did you cut all the syrup off?

To which the lady who did the cut looked at me weirdly and replied, “Oh! I was wondering what that was.


Since the boys take a bath every evening before bed, I usually try to have Reid wash his hair nightly.   After a good shampoo it seems to be easier to get a comb through his wet hair before bed.   I figure it gives his hair about 10 hours of cleanliness a day which isn’t bad.

The other night I was tucking him in and noticed something hanging from his hair.


He has NOT eaten since his bath.

What could possibly be in the hair that I assisted in washing mere moments before?



  1. ROFLMAO. Too funny for this hour of the morning.

  2. That is too funny! My daughter head of hair is the same way! It’s like it is a magnet for all things sticky.

  3. LOL…I like that the hair cut lady just. didn’t. ask.
    I too have children with that talent…but it is not an everyday occurrence.

  4. Hah…we love that spot. Always funny to think of us rattling around the same little city, and I always think of oyu when I roll by your n’hood, since you are the only one I know who lives there!

    Thanks a good lookin little man you are raisin, btw.


  5. Seriously, toothpaste is really hard to get out.

    The cheaper, the harder.

  6. a bath every day? in the summer time? every day. huh…

  7. LOL! I thought I had it bad when youngest managed to get a chunk of chewy granola bar in her hair, but toothpaste is harder, and syrup is the worst!

  8. I’m obsessive…Reese takes a bath AND washes his hair (I scrub in the shampoo) every.single.night. I can’t stand dirty bodies in the bed. Isn’t that silly?

  9. That made me laugh out loud because I have one JUST LIKE HIM. I am thinking I could shave his head and he would still have a sticky noggin!

  10. I almost spit coffee on my monitor!

    Perhaps you should try a crew cut…toothpaste and syrup are much easier to see in very short hair…or so I hear…

  11. He could use mousse as a mousse! I do find that syrup has great hold but is too heavy and sticky to use except for up-doo’s. Cool whip has weightless hold.

  12. My daughter has the exact same talent! But she is a bit more of a challenge in that I cannot just chop off her hair. She has long luxurious hair and refuses to cut it short…but I also cannot get that kid to keep her food out of her hair!

  13. Could be a sibling is wiping his hands on brother’s head. It happens! Or so I’ve heard. hee hee

  14. Hey Holly, you’re about to have an usual talent too…writing your name in the snow with pee. Guess what! You won a GoGirl!

  15. OMgosh he is adorable…no matter whats stuck in his hair…just count yout lucky starts he didnt try and cut it out himself

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