How To Become the Bestest Funnest Mom Ever

If you have ever felt overwhelmed. Like you don’t have TIME to be a good mom…

…then we need to chat.

bestest funnest mom

I felt like this too. I had 3 boys under the age of 5.

My house was a mess.

My time was filled with stuff that didn’t seem to matter, yet I couldn’t stop from doing it.

My dreams for my kids’ childhoods seemed to be buried under all that laundry…

And it wasn’t this way every day. There were good days {or good hours}, but overall I was overwhelmed and frustrated.

A month or so ago, I hosted a chat on Quirky Momma on this subject and one of the moms sent this to me that really summed it up:

After my second was born, I became a SAHM and had all kinds of expectations of being the “Pinterest” mom – making crafts, goodies for school, being active in kids school, making delicious fancy home cooked meals instead of chicken nuggets and fries. I didn’t realize I wouldn’t have time, money or energy for these.


And it is even more challenging when you are juggling a job, working from home, have a special needs kid, have pets, are a single mom, live far from family, volunteer, etc. etc. etc.

I will tell you my story about how I overcame this and why I am so passionate about this subject in a special online event.

It is a FREE web class called…

HOW TO BECOME THE BESTEST, FUNNEST MOM EVER! Even If Your Kid(s) Are Insane & You Feel Completely Overwhelmed…(This Works Even If You Are Not Crafty, Creative Or Fun!)

Yes, it is free.

I would love to have you join me.

REGISTER HERE (registration currently closed)

I will see you there :).

We got this.



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