Even if you didn’t grow up on Animaniacs (like I did), there’s a good chance you’ve heard YAKKO’S WORLD at some point.

The ultimate geography song.

Sing along with Yakkos World geography song - Kids Activities Blog
You will know them all after a few times!

You know, that song that names off every single country of the world in less than two minutes?

Every single country in the world…

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Think of all the school children around the world who have listened to this song over and over and over to get a good score on that geography test.

Yakko’s World Remade with Movies

The original is amazing, but this video of the same song being sung through 168 movies is the best tribute I’ve ever seen!

Yakko's World video screenshot - Republic Domican, Cuba, Caribbean, Greenland, El Salvador too
The captions help you sing along!

Nothing could really beat the original Yakko singing about all the countries, but there’s something really exciting about seeing all of these different movies strung together to sing it.

I honestly never even knew every country has been mentioned in movies, but apparently they have!

Even in cartoons.

Who knew?

Yakko's World video screenshot - Tanzania, Somalia, Kenya, and Mali, Sierra Leone, and Algiers
This is easy if you just practice!

Not only that, but it’s like a walk down memory lane seeing all these movies that we probably haven’t seen in years pulled together for a clip that we also haven’t thought of in years.

It’s, just…it’s a lot of fun.

Take a look!

Yakko’s World Sung by the Movies Video

Just a note about YouTube:  This video has disappeared and appeared several times on YouTube.  I assume it is for some sort of copyright stuff, but who knows.  The weird thing is that there are LESS movies in this version than the original one that we had when we published this post the first time.

Did the world get smaller?

A mystery…


Original Yakko’s World Sung by Yakko

I couldn’t resist adding the original.

I mean, comparison is one of the best things about life…

Take a look!

What do you think?

I kinda like them both!

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