This school year, let your kids showcase their unique style by making DIY backpacks with fabric markers. We’ve partnered with Tulip Fabric Markers to bring you three ways to transform a white backpack into a colorful masterpiece your kids will love. DIY Backpacks with Fabric Markers

DIY Galaxy Backpack

All things galaxy are IN and your kids will love this starry backpack decorating idea! Galaxy Backpack Here’s what you need to make a DIY Galaxy Backpack: Galaxy Backpack Collage Use the black, blue, dark purple, and light purple markers to color the backpack in swirling colors to create the galaxy look. Allow to dry for 24-48 hours. The nice thing about Tulip Fabric markers is that they don’t have to be set with heat! Once the background is dry, use the opaque markers to draw stars, dots, and more to finish your galaxy look. Let dry and your backpack is ready to go!

DIY Notebook Doodle Backpack

Turn a white backpack into notebook paper and let your kids draw and doodle to their hearts’ content! I especially love that you can personalize this idea for your little kids and create a coloring book look! Here’s what you need to create a DIY Notebook Doodle Backpack: Use the pencil and ruler to draw a single vertical line onto the backpack, then draw horizontal lines across to create the outline of notebook paper. Trace over the vertical line with the red marker. Trace over the horizontal lines with the bright blue marker. Add three circles to the sides with the black extra fine tip marker. Use the black extra fine tip marker to doodle on top of the paper, once the lines are dry. We added my son’s name, and some school themed doodles, like books and a beaker. Allow to dry completely.

DIY Neon Zebra Backpack

How fun is this one?! It’s so colorful and perfect for a tween or teen! Neon Zebra Backpack Here’s what you need to make this DIY Neon Zebra Backpack: Neon Zebra Backpack Use the black opaque marker to draw zebra stripes down the backpack. Allow to dry completely. Fill in the spaces between the stripes with the neon markers, going in a pattern to create a rainbow look. Allow to dry completely and your backpack is ready to go! Be sure to visit Tulip’s website for even more fabric marker projects. Check out this diy dreamcatcher! You’ll love this paper weaving craft! You have to try this hula hoop weaving craft! Are your kids ready to head back to school? Head over to our Facebook page and share their photos with us!

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