I love science experiments. Anything that shows my kids how the world around them work is a-ok in my book. And the weirder, the better! Like oobleck? We LOVED that one. The idea that there is a substance that can imitate both liquid and solid states at the same time is more than my kids can take. How about marshmallows in a vacuum? That one is so much fun to watch that I kinda felt like I was doing the experiment for myself, and not them. Oh, and gallium? It melts in our hands, but can also melt aluminum. How flipping cool is that!? Well, time to add a new one to the list: polyethylene glycol. This liquid pours itself! And if you want to experiment with it? You can find it at the grocery store. Take a look! How cool is that? Have you seen anything like that before in your life? I know my kids flipped out when they saw it, and I’m sure your kids will, too! Have fun!

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