Grab a dish (or a cup of coffee) and sit down and join in the potluck.
Who is bringing the chunky jello?
I feel like I am in a really bad nightclub right now…Rhett is standing on a chair at the 5 panel lightswitch randomly turning the lights on and off and on and off. For instance, right now it is completely dark, but now there is 2/5 light. It doesn’t seem to bother me, is it bothering you?
This morning I competed in the mini-van olympic sport of “change the baby’s really stinky diaper during the time it takes to fill the minivan’s gas tank” which from now on will be abbreviated CTBRSDDTTITTFTMGT. Conditions at game time were like this: 1. gas tank so empty we would not make it the 7 miles to Ryan’s school 2. 37 degrees outside with a slight wind 3. baby is pooping as I put him in the carseat 4. Must leave the house a few minutes early so Ryan isn’t late to school. So we made it to the gas station. I hopped out and started the gas pump. I hopped in, put down my center console, unhooked baby from carseat, laid baby on minivan floor (SIDEBAR: this is where the minivan trumps any other SUV, sedan or crazy compact…don’t try this at home without the proper equipment, I know they look hideous on the outside, but sometimes function HAS to come first), changed a 5 WIPE diaper, got baby put back together, placed baby in seat and was latching the seat at the same time as I heard the pump go off! Wow, even you have to admit that was impressive. Ryan made it to school with 15 minutes to spare, I was able to unload the super stinky package at the gas station (bonus points for this smooth move) and no time wasted. Sure you can try, but top that…
The picture above is of the very hard-working and dedicated horses that visited our neighborhood last night and pulled a carriage for hours. I have 4 lovely pictures of the boys and I enjoying the ride, but in all of them my eyes are shut so until I have a good meeting with photoshop they are off limits (which is so unfortunate because we were looking so cute). Sorry this one isn’t the greatest either, but think of it as art. I have been trying to take at least one good picture a day. Starting in January I plan on doing a digital scrapbook that has a page for each day. I realize how completely obsessive that sounds and it isn’t going to be easy hence the practicing now. It really has been fun and yesterday when someone mentioned they had forgotten their camera, I pulled mine out of my pocket. Before you start thinking how crazy this new project of mine is…I want to remind you (and you know who you are) that I surround myself with people who are just/if not more crazy than I. My boys are cookie monsters. Last night at the carriage party they each politely (I know, I was shocked too!) asked for a cookie and then another…and then another…and then another. What was really funny was that Rhett would have one cookie in his hand and with the other hand he would reach up making the signal for “one”and say, “just one more?” It is up there with when he told me the other day after I asked him to do something, “one minute” and held up a finger. Yeah, he isn’t even 2 yet…

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  1. I don’t have any jello, but I can make a mean cottage cheese loaf….

    Hey, I’ve done the diaper thing in the back of my Suburban, don’t challenge me girl!

    I thought about doing the photo a day starting January 1. I’m serious I did.

    The difference between us is — you actually implement the great ideas we both have.