aIMG_2296Does your linen closet (or “place”) look like mine?   I know I am in dire need of a house makeover.   We are beginning a “Clutter Intervention”.   Each week or two we will have new regions of our home for us to work on, of areas to “declutter”.   Challenge yourself to go through the areas discussed and eliminate what is old or rarely used, fold and make those areas neat and spiffy!   We will have a flickr group to showcase our before and afters (if you are daring!).   Happy Cleaning!

Each week I will post a list of my trouble spots for the week. There is only one clutter spot per day to go through. It helps not to try to go too fast. Not all of us can find a whole afternoon to go through all the linens and clothing ¦ but most of us can find 10 minutes to go through the towels.

The only thing you will really need for this challenge is a notebook. Any notebook will do. This will be to keep a list next to you of the needs in each area you are decluttering. For example: If you go through your children’s clothing and find that your daughter only has 4 pairs of socks, and half her pants are too short, you write Madeline: Socks and pants on the list. If you are like me, it is also good to have boxes or bags handy, as you want to get the decluttered stuff out of the house as fast as possible.   Goodwill anyone???

Declutter list for week #1:

1. Linens & Sheets
2. Towels & Wash clothes
3. Rugs & mats
4. Current Clothes (list needs)
5. Kids dress up stuff
6. Winter gear, Coats, & Shoes (list needs)
7. Stuffed animals

I have created a Flickr group so that we can share pictures. After all, I will be doing this challenge with you ¦ and I believe another admin mama here as well ¦ so you will get to see our spaces and

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  1. I just came across you site and can’t leave! HAHA I have found a place to call home here. I am so excited by the challenges of declutter. I have so much of it, can’t wait to start.

  2. Ahh yes…. I go thru phase periodically. Once corner or area really starts to bug me. For some reason, my bedroom is always the LAST place to get decluttered, but the first place I put all the stuff I move around. Thanks for motivating me!

  3. Wow…what perfect timing! A friend and I are on a decluttering mission at each of our homes. It’s such great encouragement when you don’t have to do it alone 😀 I’d love to join up on your flick’r group!

  4. Holly: Children are certianly a clutter challenge! 🙂 I keep finding that I pick up one room, just to move to another and then come back and the kids have dumped it all out on the floor again. Sigh.

    Polly: Nice to ‘meet’ you. Chili sounds great… you have inspired me to add that to my menu. 🙂


  5. I have lots of declutter challenges in progress at my house right now…it is such an on going process with kiddos.


  6. I have been on your site less than 30 seconds, but I can tell it is a keeper!! I am making chili today … just ran in to check my email and saw Angels had been reviewed by you. Thanks so much!! Yep, a blogging grandma am I, great grandma, no less. I will be back to read more as I am in definite need of help with my clutter!!! My grand daughters would attest to this!! Later, Friend. Gotta’ check my chili … have assorted children and grands coming later to pick up what is considered “their portion”!!!