Little Girl Has An Accident, Wobbles Toward The Bathroom

Potty training is fun. And by fun, of course, I mean a total mess and awful and takes way too long. Not that we don’t love it. It’s a chance for us to help our kids hit one of the first milestones that really takes them into a grown world. But as much as we all hate diapers, at least they contain ‘things’. Potty training? Yeah, get prepared to do a WHOLE lot of laundry. And wash staines off of every sittable surface of your house. And car. And accidents happen, like, all the time. It’s part of the process. The only really good thing about potty training is that kids are still little and cute and so even though it’s a horrifying mess, it’s really not so bad. Take this little girl, for instance. When she has an accident she tries to assure her mom it’ll be okay because she’s wearing panties. Only, she forgot she’s not wearing panties. Take a look!

Yes, it’s a mess, but with kids that cute the mess is totally worth it. I’m guessing that little will be trained in no time, and I’m guessing from her mom’s perspective even that won’t be soon enough.

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