Rock hunting is all the rage! Kids of all ages will love using Sharpie markers to create super easy Sharpie Rock Art. Sharpie Rock Art

Sharpie Rock Art

Until last year, my kids and I didn’t know rock hunting was a popular family activity. One day, we were walking in a park when my son spotted a bright yellow rock under a tree. Upon closer examination, we discovered that it was a minion rock! The minion rock came complete with a Facebook web address and hashtag. That is how we discovered our town’s local rock hunting club. It’s so much fun! Related: Easiest Kids Craft Ever! Make Rock Monsters Sharpie Rock Art Since then, we’ve enjoyed searching for and hiding decorated rocks around our town. My kids really enjoy painting rocks that look like Pokemon or their favorite cartoon characters. We also enjoy doodling on rocks with Sharpie markers. We’ve found and hidden rocks at our local library, playground, and even our local Target! To Make This Craft You Will Need: (affiliate links) Sharpie Rock Art Directions: Invite kids to doodle on rocks with Sharpie markers. Some ideas include:
  • flowers
  • suns
  • peace signs
  • hearts
  • cartoon characters
  • inspirational words
  • designs
  • animals
  • funny people or monsters with wiggly eyes
Sharpie Rock Art When kids are finished with their doodles, coat the rocks with clear nail polish or waterproof Mod-Podge. Sharpie Rock Art Aren’t they lovely? Perfect for hiding in the little nooks and crannies all around your city!

More Rock Decorating Ideas for Kids

These DIY Moon Rocks are just as magical as they look, plus they’re simple to make! Head outside for some fun in the grass and bring along these DIY Ladybug Stones by Fire Flies and Mud Pies. Our Painted Pumpkin Rocks are perfect to make during the Halloween season, and can be used in homemade games! Turn rocks into art with this Melted Crayon Rocks tutorial. Check out these story stones! Paint rocks and tell stories, how fun! Leave a comment: Have you and your kids ever found a cute Sharpie Rock in your area? SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave

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