25 photos

Even though I carry my camera everywhere and capture every waking moment of my three boys’ lives, I continually lament that I don’t have photos with all three of them.

I usually don’t have the strength to undertake such a feat…

Three boys in one picture.

Looking at the camera.


The impossible dream.

A few weeks ago the boys were all sitting at the park on the same bench.

And no violence had ensued.

So I reached for my camera…

25 photo collage of three boys

…and took 25 pictures.

And yes, the one in the middle was the best one.

And yes, I need to learn photoshop.


  1. LOL I have totally photoshoped “better faces” on groups shots of the girls together from other photos when they’ve been sitting next to each other! People as how I get them both the smile so nice each time and I just grin and shake me head.

  2. LOL. Why is it that if you have 2 it’s almost doable…once you go up from that getting a decent picture is impossible?!?!

  3. Yes, I go to photoshop.com and there’s this button called autofix or something like that and it takes all the thinking right out of it! 🙂

    And getting pictures of the whole family IS hard, isn’t it. I haven’t quite taken it to the next step of carrying a tri-pod around. that’s hardcore.

  4. Ha! I recently posted about the trying task of getting boys to pose for pictures. Love the one where the older boy looks to be womping the middle boy with his water bottle. 😉

  5. I have all kinds of problems getting just TWO boys to sit and smile. Three would probably cause me to spontaneously combust.

  6. What an incredible idea! Though I am not sure even snapping as quickly as I can I could get 25 pics before someone ran off!

  7. Great pictures!!!

    I’m just lucky if I remember the camera! Then I forget to pull it out and use it.

  8. I always take at least three or four because someone’s always blinking, or sticking his tongue out, or picking his nose, or…

  9. Lamenting. I hate when that happens.

    I was just admiring your layout skills. admiring, not laughing. Hoping I can score some ‘how-to’ tips off ya.

  10. hi! oh my, i had to respond because my kids never sit still long enough to get into a photo together. i so understand & hubby has photoshopped them (a lot).

  11. I have never had that problem with my kids…maybe it’s because there are only two of them…I don’t know. As soon as I bust out my camera, instant ham. I have a hard time getting candid shots…especially of my daughter.

  12. Even with two kiddos, no matter how many I take I can never get a good one of both together at the same time in the same picture! LOL!

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