Do you ever get in the lunch dull-drums? We do! I regularly struggle wondering what we should have for lunch for the kids (and/or myself).

Here are some of the brilliant suggestions we have found to make lunch fun, simple and sometimes silly.

What to eat for lunch
They’re not boring meals!

FUn Lunch ideas for Kids of all ages

Lunch has just got more fun! Here are some fun lunch ideas you can try.

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1. Skewered Sandwiches Recipe

Lunch-on-a-stick. Make a skewer of your sandwich ingredients following the recipe from

2. Easy Banana Burritos Recipe

These Banana Burritos by Mission Menus are super easy and great on the go (even better slightly toasted!!).

3. Yummy Granola Bars Recipe

Easy Granola Bars by This Lunch Rox is another recipe we’ve tried and loved. Great to grab on busy days.

4. Cool Meal with Love!

Compartmentalize your Meal with Love. Don’t have a Valentine box? Try an ice cube tray, like this one from Katherine Marie (unavailable)!

5. Happy Smiley Lunch Idea

Get silly with a smile – everything tastes better with a smile, like this one from Lisa Storms!

6. Peanut Butter and Fruit Pancake Sandwich Recipe

Make a Pancake Sandwich, it’s so easy. Take two pancakes, add peanut butter or cream cheese and layer some fruit – viola!

7. Mix and Match Sandwich Combo Recipes

Mix up your sandwich combinations. There are lots of suggestions from Whole Living!

8. Yummy Veggie Smoothie Recipe

Enjoy a Veggie Smoothie! Freeze your smoothie and throw it in your lunch box to keep the rest of your meal cool.

Creative lunch ideas
Fun lunch ideas!

FUn and creative meal prep ideas the kids will love

You can make lunchtime fun with some quick tips. Here are some ideas you can check out to improve your meal prep experience!

9. Creative Tanagram Sandwich Recipe

Do math, while you eat with a Tanagram Sandwich! Such a fun meal idea from Think Magnet Kids.

10. Fun Lunch Survey Ideas

Give your child or maybe even your spouse some thinking material with a survey of their day for them to fill out while they eat. My gal actually loves this idea from June Pfaff Daley!

11. Lunch Suggestions in PDF Copy!

Stuck and still don’t know what to make for lunch today? Mixing Bowl Kids has a PDF with literally dozens of suggestions:

12. Tips in Making Sandwich Rolls

I love making sandwich rolls for my kids. Use the tips from the sandwich ideas earlier, only roll the ingredients into a roll. This recipe from Taste is versatile!

These toddler lunch ideas are perfect for picky eaters!

Do you have any suggestions or favorite meals that wow your kids? We’d love to hear about them. Leave a comment and make my day!!

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