What to have for lunch: A collection of Meal Ideas

Do you ever get in the lunch dull-drums?   We do!   I regularly struggle wondering what we should have for lunch for the kids (and/or myself).   Here are some of the brilliant suggestions we have found to make lunch fun, simple and sometimes silly.

.What to eat for lunch

Have a lunch:

Lunch on a stick.   Make a skewer of your sandwich ingredients: Family.com

Banana Burritos – super easy and great on the go (even better slightly toasted!!): Mission Menus

Easy Granola Bars – another recipe we’ve tried and loved.   Great to grab on busy days: This Lunch Rox

Compartmentalize your Meal with Love.   Don’t have a Valentine box?   Try an ice cube tray: Katherine Marie

Get silly with a smile – everything tastes better with a smile: Lisa Storms

Make a Pancake Sandwich – easy.   Take two pancakes, add peanut butter or cream cheese and layer some fruit – viola!

Mix up your sandwich combinations.   Lots of suggestions: Whole Living

Enjoy a Veggie Smoothie – freeze your smoothie and throw it in your lunch box to keep the rest of your meal cool

.Creative lunch ideas

What to feed kids:

Do math, while you eat with a Tanagram Sandwich: Think Magnet Kids

Give your child or maybe even your spouse some thinking material with a survey of their day for them to fill out while they eat – my gal would love this: June Pfaff Daley

Stuck and still don’t know what to make for lunch today?   This site has a PDF with literally dozens of suggestions: Mixing Bowl Kids

I love making sandwich rolls for my kids.   Use the tips from the sandwich ideas earlier, only roll the ingredients into a roll.   This recipe is versatile: Taste


Kids Lunch Ideas:

Do you have any suggestions or favorite meals that wow your kids?   We’d love to hear about them.   Leave a comment and make my day!!